CRSB Seeking Technical Manager for Certification Framework

By CRSB on 2020-10-16

The CRSB is seeking to staff a Technical Manager to lead its Certification Framework. 

Reporting to the Executive Director, the Technical Manager works closely with CRSB membership and partner organizations.  Collaborating with multiple stakeholders, this position is responsible for planning, developing, maintaining and improving all technical elements of the Framework, including standards, requirements, policies, procedures, guidance and reporting for all product lines and supply chains.

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CRSB holds first virtual Annual General Meeting

By CRSB on 2020-09-17

The Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB) held its first virtual Annual General Meeting yesterday, with record attendance. The meeting was an opportunity to share the progress and diverse accomplishments that CRSB has made over the past year in advancing beef sustainability in Canada. This included participation in the development of ambitious and measurable Canadian beef industry goals addressing greenhouse gases and carbon sequestration; animal health and care, and land use and biodiversity, further demonstrating Canada’s leadership role in environmental, social and economic sustainability. The event also featured a panel discussion on initiatives and opportunities for collaboration to advance sustainability around the world.

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Canadian beef industry is setting ambitious long-term goals

By CRSB on 2020-09-16

The Canadian Beef industry is demonstrating its commitment to ensuring the health and viability of both the land and animals under the care of farmers and ranchers. Building upon five-year goals that were outlined in the 2020-2024 National Beef Strategy, the industry has now identified a suite of ambitious ten-year goals that will provide positive and clear messaging about the desire to continually improve practices, reduce carbon footprint and enhance natural environments.

CRSB 2020 Annual General Meeting shifts to virtual this year

By CRSB on 2020-08-19

CRSB 2020 Annual General Meeting shifts to virtual this year Meeting Notice:  2020 CRSB Annual General Meeting Wednesday, September 16, 2019, 9:00-11:00 am MDT being held virtually via GoToWebinar The agenda will include CRSB updates,...

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McDonald's Canada Will Return to Sourcing 100 Per Cent Canadian Beef in September

By CRSB on 2020-08-13

McDonald's Canada will return to sourcing 100 per cent Canadian beef in September 2020, ending the temporary sourcing adjustments announced in late April due to industry constraints. Since that time, McDonald’s Canada has been sourcing as much Canadian beef as possible, maintaining over 80 per cent of supply from Canadian sources on average and supplementing with imported beef from pre-approved McDonald’s suppliers.

McDonald's Canada is also continuing its beef sustainability journey by offering Quarter Pounder® patties, from which a portion of the beef (minimum 30 per cent), will be sourced from CRSB certified sustainable Canadian farms and ranches by September 2020.



Call for Proposals: National Beef Sustainability Assessment

By CRSB on 2020-06-01

The Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef published the first National Beef Sustainability Assessment (NBSA) in October 2016. This open call for proposals is seeking qualified teams in both social and environmental life cycle assessments in preparation for our 2023 assessment.


CRSB update on Covid-19

By CRSB on 2020-04-09

With the COVID-19 situation rapidly evolving, and physical distancing measures in place across the country, we wanted to provide you with an update on what the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable...


CRSB Semi-Annual shifts to online event

By CRSB on 2020-03-17

CRSB's Semi-Annual Meeting, originally planned as an event in Calgary, AB., will be going ahead on March 31 & April 1 in a webinar format to keep everyone safe and healthy, and to help prevent spread of the COVID-19 virus. 

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Chop Steakhouse & Bar is awarded use of CRSB Certified Mark for Sustainability

By CRSB on 2020-03-04

Canada’s leaders in steak excellence, Chop Steakhouse & Bar, has officially been granted the CRSB Certified (Mass Balance) Mark for one of the restaurant’s favourite menu items, The Chop Burger. Displaying the CRSB Certified Mark with the burger sees Chop become the first full-service restaurant in Canada to have a CRSB sourcing claim on their menu, demonstrating the company’s support of sustainable beef production in Canada. This is a first step for Chop, and is part of the restaurant’s broader push for sustainable sourcing on all of its meat and fish dishes. 

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JBS Canada certification confirms sustainability achievements

By CRSB on 2020-02-12

JBS Canada has achieved another milestone in its on-going commitment to sustainable food production.  The beef processing facility in Brooks, AB is now a Certified Sustainable Beef Processor, after successfully completing a third-party audit according to the Sustainable Beef Processing Standard as set by the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB).

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NEWS RELEASE: Interim Report on National Beef Sustainability Strategy

By CRSB on 2020-02-06

February 6, 2020, Calgary AB. – Today, the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB) released a report outlining progress against its 2016 National Beef Sustainability Strategy, with 86% of the environmental, 75% of the social and 83% of the economic action items completed or in progress.

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CRSB releases 2019 Annual Report

By CRSB on 2019-12-05

The Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB) has released its annual report, highlighting key achievements over the past year. Launched in 2018, the CRSB developed the first outcome-based certification program for beef sustainability in the world and uptake is steadily increasing. “We are excited to see such strong growth in the certification program over the past year, with a 45% increase in the volume of beef that has been sold through the program, and a 16% increase in certified farms and ranches over the past six months,” says Anne Wasko, Chair of the CRSB and a rancher from Eastend, Saskatchewan. “It shows that there is demand for the program and we hope Canadians are proud of the leadership role we are taking—working together and committing to transparency and continual improvement.”

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Centennial Foodservice Ltd. now certified to provide customers with beef from Certified Sustainable farms and ranches

By CRSB on 2019-10-08

October 8, 2019, CALGARY, AB. - Centennial Foodservice Ltd. is very proud to announce that we have completed the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB) Chain of Custody audit requirements and are now certified to provide beef from Certified Sustainable farms and ranches to the foodservice sector in Western Canada and the Greater Toronto area.

“With Centennial’s focus on quality and innovation it was an easy strategic decision to apply and complete the Chain of Custody audit requirements and establish internal processes to ensure we as a company, can remain true to the integrity of CRSB’s beef sustainability certification program in Canada. We look forward to working with Cargill, a certified sustainable packer, in supplying those “Customers” with quality beef raised by ranchers committed to sustainability,” stated Darren Pike, Centennial’s Director of Sales and Marketing.

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NEWS RELEASE: National Beef Strategy releases 2020-2024 update

By CRSB on 2019-10-01

The Canadian Beef Advisors are pleased to release the 2020-24 National Beef Strategy. The strategy is designed to take advantage of the opportunities facing the industry while simultaneously addressing the challenges. The development of the 2020-24 National Strategy has been a dynamic collaborative process engaging all industry sectors and national and provincial organizations. The Canadian Beef Advisors and provincial cattle associations believe a united industry is a stronger industry, and that a stronger industry benefits all those working in it today and into the future.

CRSB 2019 Annual General Meeting a success

By CRSB on 2019-09-30

The CRSB held its Annual General Meeting and convention last week in beautiful Montreal Quebec. Once again, we had record attendance, with over 95 attendees and a sold-out industry tour.  Thank you to everyone who made the time to join the event and engage with us and each other on beef sustainability in Canada.


CRSB elects 2019-2020 Council

By CRSB on 2019-09-19

CRSB is pleased to announce the 2019-2020 Council elected during its Annual General Meeting on September 19 in Montreal QC. Anne Wasko continues as Council Chair, and we welcome new Council members Jeff Balchin - Centennial Foodservice and Jennifer Lambert - Loblaw Companies Limited.

We would like to thank all those who served with their time and commitment in 2018-2019.

Harvey’s partners with the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef to support sustainable beef production

By Andrea White on 2019-08-13

August 13, 2019, Calgary, AB.

CRSB Insider

CRSB Insider - August 2019

By CRSB on 2019-08-07

IN THIS ISSUE. . . CRSB Annual General Meeting & Convention: September 18-19, 2019 Canadian Beef Industry Conference: August 13-15, 2019 CRSB receives $1.


Delicious, Healthy Sustainable Beef!

By CRSB on 2019-08-07

Russ Mallard, President of Atlantic Beef Products Inc.

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Ducks Unlimited Canada CEO Karla Guyn to speak at Canadian Beef Industry Conference

By CRSB on 2019-07-16

Calgary, AB – The Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB) is pleased to have Dr.

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Federal Agricultural Minister announces funding for Canadian Beef industry at Calgary Stampede

By CRSB on 2019-07-10

Calgary AB - Today at the Calgary Stampede Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau announced an investment of $8.

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CRSB hires Sustainability Intern

By CRSB on 2019-06-01

Calgary, AB – The Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB) is pleased to announce Julia Buckingham has joined its team on a part-time basis in the role of Sustainability Intern...

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CRSB Insider: May 2019

By CRSB on 2019-05-31


CRSB Insider

CRSB Insider: March 2019

By CRSB on 2019-05-29


Announcing new Certification Framework Manager

By CRSB on 2019-04-30

CRSB is pleased to announce the appointment of Kaley Segboer as  Certification Framework Manager.  In this role, Kaley will support the implementation and delivery of the Certified Sustainable Beef Framework.


Complete the 2019 Inventory Survey: Projects for Continuous Improvement

By CRSB on 2019-04-03

In order to support improvements in future updates of the National Beef Sustainability Assessments (NBSA), CRSB is looking to profile projects that build on the following goals identified in the National Beef Sustainability Strategy, identified via an annual survey.

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CRSB recognized with Beef Industry Innovation and Sustainability Award

By CRSB on 2019-03-21

The founding Council and membership of the CRSB was honoured to receive the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA)’s Beef Industry Innovation and Sustainability Award (BIISA). 


Register Now for 2019 CRSB Semi-Annual Meeting

By CRSB on 2019-02-08

Join us for the CRSB Semi-Annual Meeting, being held April 25, 2019 at the Hilton Winnipeg Airport Suites Hotel in Winnipeg, MB.



CRSB Seeking Certification Framework Manager

By CRSB on 2019-02-05

The Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB) is seeking a Certification Framework Manager.

Please submit a resume and cover letter to Monica Hadarits, Executive Director, no later than February 26th, 2019.


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CRSB Insider: December 2018

By CRSB on 2018-12-20


CRSB Appoints new Committee members

By CRSB on 2018-12-05

CRSB is pleased to announce that following a call for volunteers, we have filled a number of committee positions on our Certified Sustainable Beef Framework and Communications and Marketing Committees.  We would like to thank all those who answered the call, and volunteered to serve on these committees.

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CRSB Announces new Executive Director

By CRSB on 2018-12-04

We are pleased to announce that Monica Hadarits will be assuming the role of Executive Director, Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB) effective December 1st.


CRSB Seeking new Executive Director

By CRSB on 2018-11-01

CRSB's Exeutive Director, Fawn Jackson, has moved to a new role in Government and International Relations with the Canadian Cattlemen's Association.

CRSB Insider

CRSB Insider: October 2018

By Andrea White on 2018-10-24


Industry takes stock of achievements guided by the National Beef Strategy

By CRSB on 2018-10-04

Calgary, AB – The Canadian Beef Advisors today released a status update on the 2015-19 National Beef Strategy. The report summarizes progress towards achieving the outcomes outlined in the Strategy since its launch. As of June 2018, 15% of outcomes have been completed; 5% are in progress (have an end); 61% are ongoing (and expected to continue); 7% have not been started (primarily due to funding constraints); 8% need modification; and 5% have mixed status (due to multiple objectives at different stages).

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CRSB Elects 2018-19 Council

By CRSB on 2018-09-24

The Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef is pleased to announce the 2018-19 CRSB Council elected at its Annual General Meeting on Sept. 20 in Calgary AB.

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CRSB Certified logo for beef sustainability now available for the Canadian marketplace

By Andrea White and CRSB on 2018-09-20

The Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB) has released its Certification Marks and Communications, Claims and Labelling Guidefor use in the Canadian marketplace. As a global leader in beef sustainability certification, CRSB’s Marks and accompanying Claims provide consumers with assurances that companies are sourcing at least 30% of their beef from Canadian farms and ranches certified against CRSB sustainability standards.  The standards and assurance system were first released in December 2017, and recognize sustainable practices across all five principles of sustainability: natural resources, animal health & welfare, people and community, food, and efficiency & innovation.

McDonald's now serving beef sourced from CRSB-Certified Operations

By CRSB on 2018-08-29

CRSB is pleased that McDonald's Canada is the first company to use the CRSB's Certification Mark, beginning with its Angus beef line of burgers in restaurants across Canada.  


McDonalds Canada to serve Canadian beef from certified sustainable farms & ranches

By CRSB on 2018-07-11

TORONTO, July 11, 2018 /CNW/ - In a major nod to the quality of Canadian beef, McDonald's Canada announced today that it will be the first company in Canada to serve Canadian beef from certified sustainable farms and ranches, beginning with its Angus line-up. McDonald's® Canada will be the first company to serve Canadian beef from farms and ranches certified sustainable by leading industry experts (CNW Group/McDonald's Canada)

CRSB Insider

CRSB Insider: June 2018

By Andrea White on 2018-06-15


SAVE THE DATE: CRSB Annual General Meeting September 19-20, 2018 in Calgary AB.

By CRSB on 2018-06-14

The CRSB is pleased to announce it will hold its 2018 Annual General Meeting (AGM) September 19-20, 2018 at the Sheraton Suites Eau Claire in Calgary AB.

Continuous Improvement Projects Survey

By Brenna Grant on 2018-06-14

The Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB) has a vision to be the go-to forum for sustainability conversations. Part of this work includes communicating the continuous improvement of the Canadian beef industry's sustainability.  Recognizing that there are multiple players in this field, CRSB has a role in communication and coordination. In order to support improvements in future updates of the National Beef Sustainability Assessments (NBSA), CRSB is looking to profile projects that build on the following goals identified in the National Beef Sustainability Strategy.

SK. Stockgrowers and Grasslands National Park collaborating to enhance Species at Risk Habitat

By CRSB on 2018-06-11

Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association (SSGA) and Parks Canada’s Grasslands National Park (GNP) are teaming up to collaborate on a unique grass bank pilot project to conserve habitat for species at risk, particularly the Greater Sage-grouse, Sprague’s Pipit, and Chestnut-collared Longspur.


U.S. Beef Industry Leaders Release First-Ever National Framework for Beef Sustainability

By CRSB on 2018-05-03

The U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (USRSB) today opened a 60-day public comment period on the group’s Sustainability Framework.

The USRSB Sustainability Framework is a set of resources developed to assist ranchers, cattle auction markets, feedyards, packers, processors, and retail and food service organizations in their efforts to continuously improve the sustainability of U.S. beef.


Cargill Canadian beef sustainability pilot yields positive Q1 results

By CRSB on 2018-03-15

(Winnipeg, Canada) March 15, 2018 – The first three months of Cargill’s Canadian beef sustainability pilot project yielded encouraging results, proving the model works and demonstrating significant potential to scale...

CRSB Insider

CRSB Insider: February 2018

By Andrea White on 2018-02-28


Join CRSB for the 2018 Semi Annual Meeting

By Andrea White on 2018-02-22

Join us for the 2018 CRSB Semi-Annual Meeting April 10 & 11 in Regina SK.  Registration is now open.


CRSB Elects 2018 Council

By CRSB on 2018-01-08

The Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef elected a new Council at the 2017 CRSB Annual General Meeting December 7 in Edmonton.

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CRSB Launches Certified Sustainable Beef Framework

By Andrea White on 2017-12-07

The Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB) launched the much-anticipated Certified Sustainable Beef Framework today at their 2017 Annual Meeting. 


Meeting Notice

By Andrea White on 2017-12-02

The CRSB will hold its Annual General Meeting this year in Edmonton AB. December 6-7, 2017 at the Delta by Marriott South Edmonton Conference Centre.  We are excited to announce that The CRSB will also be launching the long-awaited Certified Sustainable Beef Framework during the event.